Best Meal To Start Your Day With

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Coffee lovers may not know but apple gives more energy than coffee. If you are just waking up or you have been working all day and you need a boost to keep you going, an apple can do the job.

Apples are rich in vitamin c, carbohydrate, fibre and antioxidants. An apple contains 90 calories which can serve as a good addition to your meal. Apples are caffeine free and much of the increase in energy is attributed to the glucose in the fruit. Coffee has it’s benefits as well. It is good for those that want to loose weight. So if you want something hot with a nice aroma, then you can go for coffee.

Are you feeling moody? An apple is capable of bringing you out of that state through the slow release of vitamins from the apple to your body, which in turn makes you feel energized.

As a coffee lover, you may not switch immediately to taking apples and vice versa, but you can take both to give you the full boost you need. Taking only apple and coffee for breakfast sounds strange right? In order to have the perfect breakfast, you can buy the best bread in Lagos from Breadish Bakery. You will definitely get the satisfaction you need.

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