Quality Assurance

We invest enormous resources and good effort in ensuring that our products  meet certain thresholds of acceptability

Quality Assurance

We invest enoromous resources and good effort in ensuring that our products meet certain thresholds of acceptability. We plan, direct or coordinate quality assurance programs and formulate quality control policies on a Quarterly basis while also working to improve our organization’s efficiency and profitability by reducing waste. We mainatain the highest standards of constant cleanliness at every point of our production.

We DO NOT for any reason whatsover use Bromate or other harmful preservatives in any of our Bread Products not just because we believe that a responsible company should be compliant with the Laws and Guidelines of Regulatory Agencies, we understand that our work is very sensitive and we owe our consumers a duty of care to protect them from any danger arising from food poisoning or consumption of banned ingredients.


Breadish is produced under the most hygienic and carefully controlled processes from hard wheat flour, sugar (crystalline), salt, yeast, milk, dried fruit, improver, preservative (calcium propionate), water and margarine.

Our products undergo varying levels of verification and control measures and we ensure that only approved quantities of each and every production material is used for production. We also assess each material to ascertain that the material has not exceeded its shelf life and randomly select and weigh the materials to be used to ensure that the materials are of their standard weight.

Water used for processing and cleaning comes from a central borehole located within the factory premises. The borehole was sunk according to regulatory standards ensuring it is well away from any septic tank in the premises and with a depth of 180 feet.