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The second wave of the coronavirus pandemic is already upon us. It is no news that the coronavirus pandemic is having an impact on all businesses worldwide.

The pandemic has threatened the existence of many businesses. Some had to shut down operations completely, and those still in business have seen a drop in sales.

It has been difficult to get certain raw materials like wheat flour due to border closures and restrictions. Cost of bread production has skyrocketed over the past few months due to the scarcity of raw materials.

The scarcity of these raw materials have led to an increase in the cost of the finished product.

The long-term result of the impact of the pandemic cannot be concluded at the moment, however, projections paint a bleak picture for businesses in the following months as major industries are bracing for the worst economic downturn in recent years.


The good news is that the federal government has started injecting fresh money into the economy through intervention funds. This will help businesses maintain cash flow liquidity and local production.


Breadish bakery has been able to adapt to the change that the pandemic brought. After rethinking its strategy and embracing flexibility, Breadish bakery has been able to weather the storm and keeps producing quality bread for Nigerians.



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