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What is protein?

Protein is an important component of every cell in the body. Regular intake of protein can serve as fuel for fitness. The body uses protein to make enzymes, breaks the protein into amino acids which are used to build and repair tissues, hormones and other body chemicals.

The body needs large amounts of protein but does not store it and about 20% of the human body is protein. It is impossible for the human body to function without protein because every cell in the body contains protein.


Sources of Protein

Protein can be gotten from animals and plants. Examples of animal proteins are: eggs, fish and meat. Many animal sources are known as high quality sources, what this means is that they contain all 9 amino acids. Plant based proteins are proteins from plants. Examples are: whole grains, beans and nuts. These are good sources of protein, great for vegetarians too and can help support a healthy life style.


Time to Eat

You may be busy at work and you need to power up with protein without having to wait in line anywhere, Breadish has a variety of meals that suits your need. From the bread and egg sauce to the bread and ewa agoyin, to the bread and chicken sauce, we provide good meals that “power you up”!


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