Breadish, a Product of Fordeo Food Processing and Distribution, a company founded on the rpinciples of Quality, Shared Value and Service by a Serial Entrepreneur withvery good understanding of finance and administration who also has extensive experience in Social Impact & Human Development and Multi-Stakeholder Management. We hire only experienced full-time professional Bakers and other Members of Staff who handle customer service and day to day operations.

Our Team includes the:

  1. Quality Assurance and Operations Managers who oversee Production and Sales. They can bake, formulate recipes for different variants of Bread, train other bakers, ensure optimum quality, supervise production and have reasonable clout in the market with distributors to push Sales..
  2. Finance and Audit Associate who oversee Store Keeping, reconcile stock, manage procurements and provide weekly reports on all these areas in addition to documenting Equipment Depreciation.
  3. HR/Admin/Executive Assistants who manage Recruitment, Staff Welfare, Administrative Matters, Key Stakeholders, Regulators and all related issues.
  4. Cashier/Customer Service Associates who manage our Sales Points, receive Cash and ensures Customers are satisfied with our Services
  5. Mulltiple Bakery Floor Staff

Our Business Framework embodies an Operational Division, Quality Assurance Unit and Supply Chain Channels.