At Breadish Bakery by Fordeo Foods, we pay keen attention to issues of environmental sustainability and we have set the foundation of our Business on the understanding of our impact on and relationship with our Environment both for the present and the future.

Our Engineering and Maintenance Team are efficient with Energy, Water and Waste Management and as the world is going green, we are compliant in all ramifications with the hope that our Business will one day adopt renewable sources of energy to facilitate our production processes. This is exactly why we ensure that our Bakeries are well ventilated and the heat does not adversely affect our Floor Staff or ready made products.

Wastage has no place in our Corporate Culture and we’re already making plans to work with Waste Management Firms and Recycling Companies to convert our waste into elements that are useful for society.

Our Bread Cellophane Bags are not all in uniform size. Each Bread Product has its own size helping us minimize unnecessary use of plastic material. We incentivize and integrate our walk-in customers into our Environmental Sustainability Plan by asking them to return a certain number of Bags and get rewards in return.