This Bread is fantabulous & super delicious – rich, buttery, creamy, brown and beautiful to behold. It’s like bread and a chocolatey milk drink in your mouth all at once. Our Customers call it chop-till- you-drop.


It’s Bread but its taste is enriched with Sardines. For those of you who enjoy bread and sardine or geisha, this will be your addiction from now on. It’s like cute sandwiches made of fish and it’s yummy and unique in its own special way.


This moist and soft Bread is succulent and mouth watering which makes it the perfect companion for Tea or Coffee. Our delicious and mouth watering coconut bread is garnished with shredded coconut and coconut extract after we’ve added Butter and Eggs to make it flawless and yummy.


This is Agege Bread that has gone to London to see the Queen, collect Royal Blessings & returned to Lagos on a first class flight with a Master’s Degree. Our dreamy sweetened white bread is made out of a completely amazing recipe created by our Master Bakers.


Baked from a highly healthy recipe, the Breadish Fruit Loaf is a truly wholesome and nourishing meal. It has all the important sources of Vitamins, Minerals, Fibres and of course, carbohydrate. It’s low in calories and it’s a perfect treat for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner whether eaten plain or toasted.


You may have never eaten a Chicken Bread before but they don’t call us the most innovative Bread Company in Nigeria for nothing.

This is the Oga pata-pata of them all and if you don’t speak Nigerian street lingo, ask your friends what that means. Hahaha. Read More..


People loooooooove this Butterscotch like…..
This one is moist, buttery, sweet and rich in flavour.
We don’t know about you but many of our customers say this is what their dreams are made of because there’s a secret ingredient in here that amplifies that scrumptious Butterscotch goodness. This is a major favourite on our Bread List. Ask around.